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Facebook Moderator Multi-Party Action

The exponential growth in live media posting and streaming has seen a similar rise in the publication of negative images and events which are damaging to those involved and those who view them.

In between the participants to the events, willing and otherwise, and the viewer of the events are those who are obligated by the image provider to act as Moderators to assess the content and likely impact of any image or event.

A consequence of the continual and repeated exposure to harmful content upon Moderators is that it can cause injury and damage to the Moderators themselves.

The effect of this exposure is individual to the Moderator and depends on many factors, some of which are;

1. The actual content reviewed.

2. The presence or otherwise of adequate support from employers to assist Moderators experiencing work related trauma and general working conditions.

3. The working environment including the number of ‘tickets’ to be assessed and the percentage of accurate and correct decisions required.

All employers have a duty of care to employees to provide a safe place of work, a safe system of work and to prevent harm. Recently, a large group of Moderators have come together to explore their rights and the obligations that others have to them. A Court action on behalf of Moderators is proposed to be taken in Dublin Ireland, which is the European headquarters for many companies who utilise the services of Moderators.

If you feel that you have been psychologically damaged as a result of the circumstances and conditions of your employment as a Moderator, and would like to explore your options in that respect please fill out the call back request and state the optimum time to call you. We will revert to you as soon as we can.


This site is dedicated to the rights of Mediators and the vindication of those rights. If you believe that you could assist your fellow Moderators by highlighting a particular post or article, please forward same to the email address below and we will consider same for inclusion in this site as a general news and awareness piece.

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