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As the number of legal actions submitted against Facebook and its partner agencies continues to grow it is important to consider a number of thing before your submit your compensation case,.

What is a Facebook Moderator/YouTube Psychological Trauma Caused by?

Due to the content that Facebook and YouTube moderators must view as part of the work duties it is extremely likely that they will experience a number of mental issues unless they are provided with the correct supports. Part of the working duties included monitoring the platform to remove any graphic or disturbing content that has been published. In the US and Ireland there have already been a number of compensation claims submitted in relation to the anguish that moderators have experienced  due to this.They are charged with flagging graphic videos and pictures for deletion and maintain a 98% accuracy rate.

Who are the Compensation Claims filed against?

Typically the compensation claims are taken against both the platform, such as Facebook or YouTube, and the agency that hired them in the first place. The amount of liability that each entity are responsible for will be decided during any subsequent legal action taken by you. During 2017m YouTube conducted a large scale hiring drive in order to deal with the huge influx of disturbing content that was recorded at that time. YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, said that the online video platform was hoping to increase the number that they have on their content-moderation staff. This step was taken to adequately deal with the task of reviewing videos and also for putting in place a system for flagging and deleting unsuitable video material.

Who do you take a Social Media Content Moderation Psychological Trauma Compensation Claim against?

The action will be submitted against both the platform and the agency that hired you. Both groups are charged with looking after the mental wellbeing and of their content moderators. They must ensure that the conditions that they are working in are monitored, that there is a clear line of hierarchy that is open to hearing complaints from staff and that they provide training and guidance for them on how to deal with this.

What to Do Next?

The smartest thing to do is to speak with a solicitor who is familiar with submitting compensation claims like this so that you can take the best course of action available in your claim for psychological trauma.