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Recently there have been multiple reports of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder compensation claims submitted by Facebook content moderators, PTSD which, they claim, was caused due to their working conditions and the material that they had to view.

H2: What is a Facebook Moderator PTSD?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can happen due to the traumatic material that Facebook moderators have to view. They filter through hundreds of thousands of hours of videos and pictures so that they can delete content that is disturbing in nature. They are also expected to maintain a high level. In a number of the law suits already filed detail sleeping trouble due to the work conditions. This means there is a good chance of PTSD being suffered along with depression, violent mood swings and antisocial tendencies.

In order to address this Facebook and the agencies that provide it with content moderators must have sufficient training and counselling available in order for their contractors be resilient and deal with the material they are filtering through. This needs to be accompanied with a transparent and approachable management tier. With this in place moderators bring up any issue that they may have with their work duties and targets.

H2: Who do you take a Facebook Moderator PTSD Claims against?

In the majority of instances Facebook moderators are employed by a third party agency in partnership with Facebook to supply the moderation services. In this situation any legal action should be filed against either, or both, bodies. In the subsequent case a ruling will be made assigned liability to each party.

Facebook Moderation PTSD Legal Actions

It is vital that you sit down with an experienced solicitor so you choose the best course of action in your compensation claim for PTSD. An experienced solicitor will guide you through the best steps to adapt for your Facebook moderator PTSD. Get in touch with your legal representative aas quick as you can so you don’t lose any vital time when submitting your compensation claim.